In the studio we involve the viewer subconciously, and enhance the emotional and storytelling drive of a movie through sound.

In the studio everything is aimed at taking the viewer into the story through sound. Polishing bit by bit, until every emotional twist comes into its own.

The story is being shaped with all the resources we have available. Production sound, foley, atmospheres, effects music, and everything in between. The balance between all these elements determines the flow of the film, and whether the viewer can be carried away by the narration, be it a documentary, fiction film or commercial.

No matter what purpose or medium the film is made for, poor sound design makes the film fall apart, great sound is the subconscious glue to the story and allows the viewer to get involved.

With a studio in Amsterdam and a home studio in Delft I am widely and flexibly deployable

Working as a freelancer  with experience both on set and in the studio, brings both flexibility and an open mind.
I see the importance of good collaboration between departments at all stages during production. Good production sound is the foundation, a great edit creates opportunities in sound design and the ambiance created during the colorgrade goes hand in hand with the intention and feel of the final mix. Because of this I consider sound design just as much an art on it’s own, as well as a major team effort.

Effective sound design is essential in creating engaging cinematic experiences for different types of deliverables, from cinematic films to television commercials, documentaries, and branded content. Each type of project requires a different approach to sound design, tailored to its specific needs and goals. As a sound designer and recording artist, understanding these nuances is crucial in delivering high-quality work that meets the needs of each project.

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