Sound recording on set is about more than sound alone. It's about building trust and making it a team effort.

Solid production sound recording is an essential part of an involving sound design. By always thinking two steps ahead time and headroom on set arise to create ideas for post production.

Practicing both audio post production and sound recording I know what I need whilst being on set, be it a documentary, commercial or a feature shoot. I try to think and listen along with the story, and be the ears the rest of the crew can trust.

Technical knowledge, communication and focus are key to staying ahead of unexpected situations, which leaves space to be emotionally involved in the story. Combine this with proper cooperation between departments and there’s a good chance of recording great sound on set. Inevitably that’s what I always aim for.

Flexible thinking and good communication provide a solid base to record great sound

With a scalable setup I’m capable of shooting fictional content with a larger sound crew, but I’m also very experienced and a little bit more focussed towards one-man-band style, high end documentary work or commercial content.  
I only work with gear I can rely on when visiting the many different locations during shoots, and would never compromise on sound quality. Therefore I work with the following brands:
Sonosax | Sound Devices| Aaton | Lectrosonics | Schoeps | DPA | Cinela | Rycote | Panamic |  Beyerdynamic | Sennheiser | et al.

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