Being able to listen to te world and combine it to images is a skill developed out of curiousity for your environement

From a young age, I began piano lessons and soon found myself captivated by the world of recording. Gathering with friends in our impromptu home studio, I accompanied their music on the piano. In high school, my interest in the visual arts grew through drawing lessons, and I was inspired by the rising popularity of music sessions on YouTube that combined audio and film. As I neared the end of high school, I realized that while I might not excel as a pianist, my fascination with sounds expanded beyond just music. It was then that I discovered the Dutch Film Academy’s study on Sound Design, which perfectly aligned my passion for sound and image.

Delving deeper into this captivating blend of sound and image, I discovered that it all starts with an awareness of our senses and opening ourselves emotionally to understand how they influence our feelings. This realization transcends filmmaking and can be applied and nurtured in everyday life. Learning to truly listen and being aware of our surroundings became the guiding thread, a constant source of inspiration that I could infuse into cinematic storytelling.

Moreover, what I have come to appreciate most about the world of film is the power of collaboration. Working alongside fellow creatives to bring a story to life is an experience that keeps on captivating.