‘Sound design from conceptualisation to recording including mixing, each element as an addition to the story and in harmony with all disciplines.’ Though maybe a little pretentious, I believe that only through this approach can one maximally utilize the options that movie audio offers and thus achieving the best possible result.

As an independent expert, I work both on set as well as post production, with the option to record and mix high quality audio for a wide variation of content and platforms. My primary focus is on the role audio can play in the development of a story be it in documentary, fiction, cinema or internet. Mine is a holistic approach where, through early involvement with a project, I can add value by being in a position to contribute to the bigger picture starting from pre-production.

Equipped with a studio in Amsterdam, with the Westerpark as my backyard, and a scalable audio recording set for any project on location, I stretch my talent and expertise to achieve the limits of what is possible both in on- set audio recording as in the art of post-production. Collaboration with peers (i.e. alumni, like myself, of the Dutch Film Academy and others) who share a mutual understanding of the intended project results and have a similar work ethic make it possible to take on larger projects.

My tools are my technical knowledge combined with my ability to describe options and visualize outcomes. Through collaboration, content and the consistent drive to tell a story, I hope my future projects will continue to result in stories worth telling.


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